Christmas Present

I am taking a break from publishing Oil Town online. Jeremy (my editor) and I are going to Oman in February to visit my brother and sister-in-law and I'm hoping to learn a tiny bit of Arabic to supplement the 5 words I learned as a child in Kuwait, spend a day or two in the desert and return inspired with all the novel's issues (and mine) resolved. I am, above all, an optimist.
The Christmas Present is this - a chance to catch up with all Cleo, Dynamite and Genevieve's adventures so far, and Robin's view of life too. As a result of a couple of hours wrestling with google and pulling faces you can go to the whole novel (so far) on a nice clear pdf - either Oil Town pdf average size or Oil Town BIG pdf. The bigger font may be easier to view on a Kindle, for example. You should be able to 'email as attachment' to your Kindle's email address.
 Please try it and let me know about any techy, typo or other problems. It would be especially good to hear if it works in Martinique, Oman, Durham, Ukraine, Scorton, China,  Australia, Edinburgh....

Thank you for your support.
Back soon, so keep subscribing -